3 Awesome Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website!

3 Awesome Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website!
There are plenty of ways to drive traffic to a website or a blog, but the top 3 ways that really work for me are the following in no particular order:
1) Paid traffic
There are ads like Google ads, Yahoo ads, Facebook ads and Bing ads. In order to fully the potential of paid traffic ads, you can look up for the most highly searched keywords using Google AdWords Keytool. Also, think about those ads that you clicked on. What made you click on those? Paid traffic is one of the best ways to get your site visible to the millions of Internet users out there.
Although these paid ads get you traffic, they also stop coming in once you stop paying.
Another form of paid traffic is solo ads.
Solo ads are actually a form of email marketing where ads are placed with someone who has a large subscriber list in your niche and you pay that person to send out your solo ad email containing the link to your website that you would like to promote. This form of paid traffic can be more targeted and results are immediate.
2) Organic traffic
Organic traffic results from SEO optimization that generate traffic by being searchable and highly ranked on search engines. The organic traffic is free but will take some time to grow. Being SEO optimised also means that the meta tags of the site, words and text are properly worded as they play an important role in gaining traffic from search engines. You may search for words that can help gain higher ranks in search engines by using the Google AdWords Keytool mentioned earlier.
SEO optimization also comes in the form of backlinks from other sites that tells Google or Yahoo that your site is interesting enough to be linked by other websites and should qualify for higher search ranking.
3) Social bookmarking
Social bookmarking sites are like Stumbleupon, Digg, Twitter, Pinterest, Delicious, Reddit that ‘bookmarks’ or ‘saves’ your favourite link and can be shared with friends or anyone viewing your profile. These social bookmarks enable other people to see what you like and also view those sites you have bookmarked. They can drive a lot of traffic to your site if your site has really interesting content that is shared by many people.
If the content is funny, disgusting or sparks controversy, it may catch on rather quickly too!

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