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Tencent was involved in SP (Service Provider), portal website, e-commerce, search engine, online game, online video, SNS, mobile internet. Tencent followed the trend and developed mobile QQ, China Mobile would charge mobile QQ user 5 yuan (USD 0.82) per month. If Spotify and Apple Music are following the global user interface and experience of their apps, I believe they will find it very difficult to increase their user-base in the China market. The company’s Vice President, Andy Ng, tells MBW that when he joined the business in 2011, China’s digital music market was defined by sprawling, unchecked piracy. Is Tencent interested in acquisition of music copyright? It’s case-by-case, but in general, we have decided that Tencent is not interested in acquiring music labels outright. Ng’s plan to fight back against free pirated content in China – once easily available on QQ Music rivals such as NetEase, bahis sitesi bahis sitesi, Alibaba and Baidu – was three-pronged.

Some investors and senior management think it would make sense but I’ve been kicking back because I think it would bring a very big conflict between us and music labels. Labels compete with each other and if one day Tencent bought one of the majors, the others would think we are a competitor. I love this website, and think the owners have a fantastic collection for ABC resources. On Bilibili, a popular anime and game streaming website, news of QQ Pets’ impending death drew a stream of nostalgia. “Happy Farm is most definitely the first SNS farming game in the world,” said Season Xu, co-founder and chief operating officer of Five Minutes. And the hotel that you stay in won’t be five stars! In the ultra competitive cut-throat world of online portal property listings, some listings are left to die a natural death while some flourish and sprout new business for the lister.

Plus, if every music portal charges 40 Hong Kong dollars a month and a price war breaks out, if you want to charge a higher price users aren’t going to subscribe. That local content is very important; it’s difficult if you don’t have a connection to get those artists or musicians to allow you to distribute that music. Then, while heavily investing in anti-piracy legal firepower, Tencent leveraged these deals to convince artists to publicly encourage their fans away from copyright-infringing sites. Says Ng: “A lot of well-known Chinese artists then asked us to co-operate for their releases, and now it’s very easy for us to reach over 5m sales with one single album, on average. 1 in the Top Free Games category on the Chinese App Store with a substantial number of 5-star consumer ratings. The app was developed in Finland and the Chinese users didn’t find the music service easy to use so we were not successful in the China market. In addition, I believe the user preference when it comes to the interface and experience of the app is very different with Chinese people versus English people.

Chinese based here locally may also share your listing over Weibo or QQ with their counterparts overseas. The first test of this strategy came with a digital album by Chinese star Jay Chou, and was a tentative success – with over 170,000 sales in its first month. Tencent is certainly attempting to turn the Chinese market into a gold-mine for rights-holders. Although Tencent entered online leisure game market in 2003, two years later than SNDA and other Chinese online games enterprises, it now accounted for approximately 50% of Chinese online game market and 5 times more than SNDA. Also, from a management perspective, Tencent has tight control over the cost of human resources. We’ve debated this internally many times over the last few years. We’re focusing on the Asia market over the next few years. Recently we have renewed our exclusive deals with them because they were very pleased with what we have done for the past few years. Warner and Sony Music have given us the exclusive rights for two years – giving us a chance to fix the market and see how it goes. As long as the market has changed, everybody can make a profit, and the labels might one day decide to end our strategic partnership.